From Beliefs TO Being

Beliefs plays huge part in our lives. They decides our approch towards different situation in life. Based on our beliefs we enagae differently in life to different situation. Now there is another thing regarding beliefs is that beliefs are always based on past. Also beliefs are based on our interpretation our own experience or our lives or other's lives. Hence they lack credibility. You can't say that they are 100% right.

Now you are smart then think will it be wise to spend our lives based on beliefs which comes from our falty interpretation of events,situation or from other people. For me IT is big NO. Thus cross that line of beliefs and start being. Most of the time one does not take action based on their beliefs. They are just happy beliving in it that they can win Grand slam. Nothing wrong in that. But do you take action in that direction continuously objectvely analyzing yourself , your game. Answer will be NO. Beliefs stangent your ability to take action or force you take wrong action. With belief of winning grand slam , you will ask your self what should I improve in my game? but that is not the right question to ask. Rather then you should ask why can't you win a grand slam ? that will force you to give honest answer.

I took example of positive belief , There are negative beliefs too. They are also based on our falty interpretation of our experience. Just like you travel to different cities and if you notice they constantly changes , your beliefs based on past can be wrong too. Because you are evolving , you are growing every second and everything around us are constant;y changing so those beliefs based on past can be so wrong that we can't imagine. Thus rather then beliving into soemthing. Be it now. Live it now. If you want to win something win it. There is no prize in beliving. But there is prize in being.