Myths Of Learning

We live in world which is very compatative and where we have to constantly learn new things. so it becomes very important to learn how to learm. How does one truly learns. Have you ever wondered how child learns speaking language ?? did he ever joined class ? then how did he learn ? A child learns by obsevations just sheer power of observation. No tutor , no coach just observation. But as we grow older , we bulid wall around ourselves in terms of our likes and dislikes . These are very simple examples but there are many deep reservations which blocks our understading of things.

There is one ancient story in India , A boy named Eklavya who wanted to learn archery from one famous Royal Guru Dronacharya. But because he was bound to teach only royals he told him NO. Now Eklavya nade one statue of Dronacharya and started learning in front of it and became the master of it. And when Dronacharya came to know this that how good he became he goes to him to ask to repay him because he learned from his statue and Eklavya said yea , what can I give you. Droncharya asked for his right hand's Thumb so that he never can do archery and become threat to royals. And Eklavya happily cut his thumb and gave to Dronacharya. "

So Point of this story is here Eklavya showed the power of observation and will of learning. The biggest myth is that you need world class facilites and everything , no doubt that is good but real learning happens when there is something inside you want to learn like your life depends on it. Learning the hitting shot is one thing and understanding how does that shot works and why that shot goes like that is another. Those things can be seen when you are truly observaing. Observation leads to understading and then it transforms you.