There Are No Rules

We live in world with full of rules. Some are for our wellbeing and ease of living. That's good. But here I am talking about rules which our mind apply us on that and we happily accept it and not only accept but we feel angray, happy, sad , gulit due to those rules.

Like when a tennis player makes an error , we told ourselves that it is bad and we should punish ourselves. so moment after making error ,player start beating himself. More making mistake at important momnent in mathch, we have decided that it is really wrong , and we should punish more ourselves for that.

Now Imagine for a second that what is from centruies people would cheer who lose the mathch ?? so all this rules under which we behave are just made up out of thin air. They doesn't have concreate base that you can't break it. Yes making mistake at important moment in match turn into losing a match. That is truth. But beating yourself about that it is purely fake. It is how everybody taught us to beat ourselves on losing match.

But that is not the way to live or achieve your goals. That way is counter productive. Living under imagnary rules costs us lot of things. So understanding those rules which our mind made up due to our culture, our envionment are real blockage to our freedom. Go beyond them and you will find a new better way to live and fulfill your goals.