Understadning Yourself

Since we born we accumalte lot of stuff and learn using our experience and from other and created this personality we call ourselves. Just like before playing tennis we hire coach and learn how to play and everything but we never ever thought to check on ourselves objectvaily that what is the truth about oursevels ? Why we can't do certain things ? why we resist something ? why we are good at something ? why there is conflict everyday inside our selves ?

Skill are important but it is only 50% of equation and other part of equation is Us , Ourselves who has to go on court and excute whatever we learned. If car's engine is not working properly then no matter how morden , techno savy car it will have hard time to perform. So we haven't paid attention to ourselves. It is time to do that. Learning to access our skill is important as learning the skill. Everybody learns the skill but nobody paid attention to how we can access it smoothly. And answer of that question lies in understanding ourselves.