You are where you want to be

The one more truth of life is everyone there where they deserved to be. Problem with ourselves is, there is fog of dishonesty , imagination in us. We keep telling ourselves that "we are working hard", "I want to be that and this", but in reality we are not. Either we are doing same thing again and again or we are under ilusion of working hard. Thsese things are so sutle that we don't notice it untill we can't live without achieving our goal. If you constantly think about something , you won't get it. But you constantlyly evaluate your skill and keep asking ugly question about your skill - You will soon realize why you are not winning or achieving your goals. Just like water will wet everything that it touches, we can achieve anything that we set our minds too. But problem that fog of illusion of working hard and I deserve that and are so thick that without intense inquiry into ourselves we won't see it.